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Dry Waste Colletion From Bulk Waste Generators

All types of schools, colleges, corporate, Institutes, Industries, apartments etc., are the bulk waste generators.

We offer solution for bulk waste generated in their campus. Examples as listed below

Type Of Waste Generated Solution
Waste Water / Industrial Waste Water STP/ETP
Bio-waste/ Industrial waste Biogas Plant Setup for Cooking in Their Kitchen
Leaf waste Vermicompost- Return Back to Their Own Garden
Paper / Cardboard / Plastic / Bottles etc.. Monthly Sales to Kuppaikaaran

Event Collection

  • This is applicable for events like weddings, meetings, Receptions, engagement
  • All types of waste like vegetable waste, food waste, paper cups, ice cream cups, tissues, water bottles, excess food etc are collected from the event in a segregated form.
  • Tie-up with halls, event management companies, caterers etc.,.
  • Collecting the segregated wastes through the collection van at the end of the event.